Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When it comes to sanding, staining, and finishing hardwood, look no further. Whether sanding new hardwood to be finished on site or refinishing your existing wood floors, our experts take pride in restoring old hardwood floors, bringing back the original appearance for decades to come. We only use the best quality stain, the best quality finishing solutions, and the best quality tools including dust-free sanding machines. We also offer custom stains and our color matching process is precise.
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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Jersey City

Hardwood Floor Installation

Our professionals will install your hardwood floors only one way, the correct way. Prior to hardwood installation, we will assess important factors such as moisture and humidity. We will determine if your floors are straight and level them accordingly. Hudson Floor Group also offers a wide range of hardwood flooring types, species, colors, and grades. Our clients may purchase their flooring directly through us or purchase separately from an outside supplier.

Hardwood Floor Installation Jersey City

Hardwood Floor Repairs & Maintenance

Our flooring specialists will repair, restore, and refinish damaged, dated, or buckled solid hardwood floors. Large cracks and splits throughout your hardwood flooring may require us to re-sand, stain and finish your floors in its entirety. More often than not, a single plank replacement will do. Rest assured, our experts are able to match the new plank perfectly with the rest of your wood flooring, creating a seamless finish. If you need your flooring repaired, contact us today for a free assessment.

Hardwood Floor Repairs and Maintenance Jersey City NJ

Custom Borders, Inlays & Medallion Installation

A great way to enhance the distinctive beauty of your hardwood floors is to install borders, inlays, or medallions. All of our inlays are custom made-to-order and are all designed and installed on site. To ensure perfection, all the steps of the installation are completed in house by one master craftsman. From commercial facilities to historic townhouses and brownstones, inlays are a wonderful way to beautify your floors and make a grand impression.

Flooring Borders Medallions Inlays Jersey City NJ

Staircase Installation & Refinishing

If you have an old or damaged staircase, our experts will fully repair and restore your staircase like new. We install new treads, risers, balusters, and handrails in a variety of wood species including red oak and white oak. After we have repaired or installed your staircase, we will re-finish the staircase by sanding and then staining to match the color of your current floors or a custom color of your choice.

Staircase Installation Refinishing Jersey City

Subfloor Installation & Repairs

A great flooring job starts with a great foundation. We offer subfloor repairs and new subfloor installation in a variety of substrates including Plywood, OSB, and Concrete. Prior to installing any new flooring, our experts will always examine your existing subfloors to check for damage or rot and replace/repair if necessary.

Subfloor Installation Jersey City

What We Install


We install un-finished and pre-finished hardwood in a variety of species, grades, finishes, types, designs, and styles. From your traditional oaks and pines, to exotic flooring such as bamboo and tiger wood, we understand the unique characteristics of all wood species and take this into account when installing floors.

Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed to reduce moisture issues associated with conventional hardwood. It will not warp or buckle, so it is an ideal solution to install in high moisture areas such as your basement or on top of concrete subfloors. We install both pre-finished and un-finished engineered floors.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Hardwood is a sustainable eco-friendly flooring option with an age and character that cannot be mimicked. It's obscure characteristics can help create a rustic decor or modern dwelling unique to your taste. We source and repurpose reclaimed wood from old homes, townhouses, barns, and industrial sites.

Vinyl & Laminate

We install Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring & Laminate flooring in homes and in commercial facilities including schools, gyms, retail stores, and high rise office buildings. These are alternative flooring materials that reflects the look of real hardwood, ceramic, and stone in a durable luxury vinyl or laminate material.

Tile & Stone

Our tile and stone professionals have years of experience and provide fine tiling craftsmanship for all of your needs. We deliver nothing but durable, high-quality tile installs, whether you need tile installed on your kitchen floors, kitchen backsplash, your bathrooms, or in your entry way foyer.

Carpet Tile

We have skillfully installed carpet tile flooring in residential and commercial facilities in the state of New Jersey and in the New York Metropolitan area. Carpet is a flooring alternative for clients that opt for warmth, comfort, and noise reduction. Studies show carpet also improves indoor air quality.

Additional Services

Baseboard & Crown Moulding Installation

Floor Leveling & Self-Leveling

Wood Ceiling & Wall Covering Installation

Furniture Moving & Storage